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So I had been kicking around an idea to move this blog to a new site completely under my control and design and I went ahead and did it.  For a while I'll be mirroring my posts here and there but eventually it will all be there.  It isn't 100% set up yet but the new site is www.armypostroad.com.  We'll see how this new project goes.

I found this humorous quote posted in the same blog that I quoted from on Sunday, From The Archives by a girl named Megan. She had this to say:
Well, yeah, it is somewhat easier to get laid than it is to find a boyfriend. But even that isn’t as easy as you probably think. Men intheir thirties are all of a sudden saying shit like “I’m trying to stop slutting around for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re plenty hot. It’s just… I’m not ready for a serious relationship, but I’m tired of not respecting myself.” You are fucking kidding me. I’m finally comfortable with whatever limited promiscuity I can scrounge for myself, and you just want to cuddle? Drop your fucking pants, Mr. Our Bodies, Our Selves.
          I have not got enough sleep the last two nights at all. I've gone to bed around midnight both nights and that is simply too late when you have to get up at 0530, 0545.  Last night I stayed in Manhattan until after 10 which was a boneheaded idea because I didn't truly care who won the basketball game and I could've watched A History Of Violence last night instead of tonight which will cost me late fees for both it and Jarhead since I wasn't going to waste my time making two trips to Blockbuster.
         I have my new phone now.  Some of you may have noticed my away message with the new number on it.  I'm a bit apprehensive about it but my new number is (515)779-1116.  Yes, that's a Des Moines T-Mobile number, I didn't want it but I had no choice.  I had to go with a number in the same calling area as the rest of the members of my FamilyTalk plan and hence I had to have a Des Moines number.  I guess it doesn't really make a difference since people stopped worry about long-distance dialing when cell phones achieved ubiquity but I still don't like having less strings attaching me to Iowa City, especially that one.  I'm probably being a little obsessive but what else do you expect out of me?
         An interesting tidbit for you:  In the April edition of SmartMoney they talk about a short, three-question quiz some psychologists came up with that gives a strong indication for how good of a financial advisor you'd make.  They gave this test to some several thousand college students at different schools and the average score was something below 1.5 (if it's a three question quiz your score would range from 0-3) and men as a whole averaged I think it was just about 1.45 and women averaged just barely above 1 and guess what?  I got a three. When I remember to bring the magazine back from my desk tomorrow I'll be a little more clear about it.

     Well I had a little bit of a rash of weakness today (and no Patti, it didn't have anything to do with sleeping either).  I splurged and bought myself a new outfit (from Aeropostale even, never bought clothes there before) and some new Pumas (another brand I haven't owned before- check that, I had some Puma cleats for 8th grade football).  Definitely was money that probably should have been for keeping my car in safe, running order (not good running order, just safe) but after the strange experience I had with that yesterday I passed on the idea of trying to get some car repair done. 
    I didn't tell you about my fun trying to get my car fixed?  Well I'm not gonna take the time right now, I'm hungry and I've got DVDs to watch so I'll safe that magnificent story for later this evening or tomorrow.

In reading random peoples blogs whom I'll never meet I came across a comment by one guy that is 100% true:

The downside risk of any advance by a man is that if the object of said advance doesn't like it, he can be permanently branded as a sex offender if the matter is pursued with enough diligence. 
When I propose that maybe these laws are too strict, I get called abusive and sexist. Apparently, it is better for a man to be publicly humiliated than for a woman to feel uncomfortable, and any disagreement with that is simply unacceptable.
So even though I would be totally into you based on how you describe your behavior, I wouldn't say squat about it unless I got some very clear signals from your side of the fence. 
But that's just me.

The blog I found that in was From The Archives and Love Is Testing Me But Still I'm Losing is the entry I found it in.

     I would just like to note that only one month, April 2005, did I post more entries than I did last month.  In April 2005, I posted 35 times while last month I post 23.  Go me.

     I did have a post started but my computer saw fit to restart itself for no reason that I could tell, just because it wanted to.  It's stormin' pretty good outside, the TV earlier tonight was going on about Tornado Watches and Thunderstorm Warnings and so on and I guess the thunderstorm part of it has made it's way here to Ft Riley. 
     What I was saying before the computer decided I needed a blank slate to write on was that I quit the bars before 10PM tonight and I don't remember the last that happened, even when I'd gone out by myself like tonight.  It had something to do with having tied it on real well last night and being hungover just about all day today (my stomach still isn't settled to tell the truth).  I started off the evening having a beer or two and some wings at Buffalo Wild where I ended up sitting next to the warehouse manager for the local Anheuser-Busch distributor and eventually started drinking on his company's tab.  That was NICE.  After that party broke up I ventured out to try some new bars in Aggieville (BWW had been the only one I'd gone to up until that point) and ran into another guy from the Task Force at a place called Rusty's Last Chance (I guess that's the shit de la shit bar here) and it was on from there on out.  We went to another place called Longhorn's where we met a girl whose 21st birthday it was and her roommate and started drinking with them. The roommate and I kicked it off.  She told me to call her today and we talked for a while but I had to get off the phone and when I called her back she didn't answer so we'll see if she eventually calls me back.  I probably would've been just fine last night if I'd stuck to just drinking beer but since it was a birthday how could I not buy shots for the birthday girl (who was a very good lookin' redhead by the way, there seem to be a goodly number of them around here, more so than Iowa City I think maybe) and drink some myself.  The first one we had (which I don't remember what it was, the details after the first beer at Longhorns get fuzzy as the evening progresses) was just fine but the shot that was supposed to be a Snakebite (I think) ended up just being whiskey and one other thing and that sent my stomach into rebellion and is probably what gave me this hangover all fuckin' day. 
     So tonight I went out lookin' for a place to have a few (and trust me, I never had intentions tonight of drinking more than three at the most) beers and watch basketball and when I finally settled in at Rusty's Last Chance after the Florida-George Mason game got over I had two beers in two hours and threw in the towel at halftime.  I just was not feelin' it tonight. 
    I think it's time to give up the ghost and lie down and read. 

     I'm really beginning to feel good about saving money and not blowing it at the bars and on silly stuff now that I've started reading so many peoples blogs about personal finance and what not.  As an example, by joining into my parents' phone plan, I'll be saving nearly $60/month!  Since February, 2005 when I had my first Cingular payment, I've paid on average $92.50/month for my cell phone and now that will be cut down to approximately $30-$35/month.  Additionally, I discovered I don't have to completely surrender my current Iowa City phone number either.  I found on Cingular's website that I can suspend my account with them since the military has redeployed me to an area that they don't have service, thereby keeping my number with them until I get back to Iowa City.  Who knows, maybe by then T-Mobile will be selling service in Iowa City and I'll be able to move my number over and not have to go back to Cingular at all.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I imagine that would involve T-Mobile having to purchase one of the providers that serve that area (or just buy their license for that part of the radio spectrum) and who knows what the chances of that are. 
    I did however increase one of my monthly bills yesterday when I added comprehensive coverage to my car insurance after weather reports of impending doom-and-gloom weather (the Wizard of Oz was filmed not even 50 miles from here for goodness sakes, storms like that ain't no joke around here) and my desire not to be left entirely on the hook for the repair of hail damage, failing trees, wicked witches of Ft Riley, and whatever might've blown my way (the current forecasts say the bad stuff has pretty much blown by for the time being without hardly any carnage that I've observed around here).  The increase that I'm paying in this car insurance bill is definitely being outweighed by what I'm saving with my cell phone bill.  Between now and October I'll spend an additional $125 on car insurance but save more than twice that much on my cell phone. 
   I just came across a pretty neat website that will show you Google Earth maps and photos of any address you put in and on top of that will spit out all the demographic information you could want from the 2000 Census within a five-mile radius of the address you enter.  Did you over 111,000 people live within 5 miles of my parents house in Des Moines?

Current Mood: chipperchipper

     I came across this article this morning about this town in Pennsylvania that has a fire burning beneath it.  This has been going on for close to 40 years.  The town is all but completely deserted now but wow, that'll teach'em miners not to light trash on fire.

     So the reason that some of you know I was in bed by 10 last night (who can remember the last time that happened?) was because we told we were going to go for a task force-wide esprit-de-corp run this morning and we had to meet at the office at the airfield at 0600.  Not that had ever made much sense to me (when do they really ever say loddy-doddy-everybody must come to a battalion fun run two days before a pt test? that was the fishiest thing and should've set off even more alarm bells) but I didn't question it much and yes indeed, we ended up having to give a sample for urinalysis this morning (and now you understand my subject line...).   Only about 50% of the task force was 'randomly' selected but of course all of us who had just arrived in the past two weeks were selected, imagine that.  I don't have anything to hide, atleast in terms of what they'd find on any sort of drug test, so I'm not concerned.  It's always just a pain when they do these things because you have to stand around, drinking lots of water to accelerate the process, and then suddenly you have to pee and because you've been drinking plenty of water (or coffee as I had) you have a strong urge to pee but you're in line and it takes a while and by the time you get to the front of the line you've got 3-4 soldiers, full-grown men, doing the pee-pee dance and just like "ya ya ya, the cup is empty, that's my social now shut up before I whip it out and pee on your table and fill everybody's specimen cups."
     I will be getting a new phone number once I receive my new phone from my parents.  Dad said he was going to FedEx it to me overnight (whether he meant overnight tonight or tomorrow night I'm not clear on) so I expect that it will be here tomorrow or Friday. 
     I do hope that I'll get some sort of pleasant surprise soon where I'll be able to go home before the 14th of April so I'll be able to retrieve my TV because, to paraphrase Homer, "No beer and no TV make Mikey go something-something-something."  The no beer part is really a result of me choosing not to buy any but nonetheless, no beer is no beer.  
     So I'm still in this mental tug-of-war on whether my next purchase goal should be a new(er) car or some new electronics.  As I say that, it occurred to me that buying new electronic toys in dabbles here and there over the past 2-3 years is about half of what has prevented me from keeping up with/paying back my bills.  The other half largely being beer.  A nicer, more reliable car I think would serve me much better (and do more to keep my blood pressure down) than an XM Radio or an iPod would.  I think I negated a desire for an iPod because the new phone I'm getting plays mp3s and has a CompactFlash memory slot so I'll get my mobile music fix that way.  
     I must be productive before bed, goodnight.

     Finally, I'm updating from my room because today my cable Internet was installed.  I didn't get cable TV at the same time because I didn't bring my TV from home with me and that is definitely not something I'm going to by an additional supply of.
     Since my Cingular phone doesn't work well down here at all, I decided last week to switch to T-Mobile and join my parents' FamilyTalk plan or whatever T-Mobile calls it.  That was all well and good because my calls to all of them would be free, calls to and from gov't cell phones (at least the ones of the people in our Task Force) would be free and it would be costing me roughly $50/month less.  The catch that I just learned of a few minutes ago:  I can't port my number from Cingular to T-Mobile because T-Mobile isn't licensed to sell Iowa City numbers.  BLASTED FCC AND YOUR STUPID GEOGRAPHIC LICENSING MODEL!  I've had this particular phone number for more than two years now, I was looking forward to not having to change it. 
     I'll keep you posted as events continue to transpire.

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